SUPPLEMENTAL — Laughter IS the Best Medicine: How a Couple of Mad Scientists Helped Me Heal

They helped me heal after the loss of my closed loved one, as well. Laughter is indeed the best medicine.

Pages, Pixels, Grapes and Grooves

It was a Saturday night in late November, just a few days after Thanksgiving. I was a young lad at the onset of puberty, wondering at the strangeness of the world and feeling that general sense of just-not-belonging-for-some-reason that we all seem to deal with at that age. Being part of a pastor’s family meant that we moved around a lot, I was overweight and awkward, and I enjoyed books and video games more than anything else … all of which contributed to that “Ugh! Nobody gets me!” teenage angst that I realize was probably supremely annoying to everyone around me.

But then …

I was sitting there, feeling frustrated because my mom had told me to turn off the Super Nintendo and find something on TV that everyone could enjoy, flipping quickly through the channels. My older sister Heather was over that night, and as I skipped…

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